(In English, Chaogong/v is translated as "tribute".)

Trade and control system which ancient China had introduced.

Countries(A) to implement the Chaogong/v. --- will dedicate a tribute to the partner country(B). Money, and Resources(Ore such as gold and silver and iron. books, a cloth etc.,). assignment of these.
Old Korean Peninsula of Joseon Dynasty era, was fed more women to China. (Trafficking in Human of Government level)

Country(B) that have received the Chaogong/v. --- will give the treasure of several tens of times from a few times of the Chaogong/v.

(A) = Country of the low social status.
(B) = Country of high social status.

Suppose that China subdue neighboring other ethnic groups and put it under the control. However, it's the only spread the control area to area low productivity. As for it, the cost for military domination easily exceeds tax revenues. (The neighboring countries of China at the time, countries with low productivity in many cases.)

With reduced military costs, Chaogong/v system is a security system for the cheaper of ancient China. But, for the Korean Peninsula, the Chaogong/v system was severe reality.

Conditions of extradite person to China by Chaogong/v.

  1. Young daughter
  2. Virgin
  3. Beauty
  4. If a beautiful girl is absence amid the provided daughters, Fathers of girls are deportation.
  5. When a daughter was hidden, it is severe punishment disposal.

Chaogong/v lasted Joseon Dynasty Era from The 10 century(Goryeo Dynasty Era).
@Goryeo Dynasty Era
@918 year, founding
@1392 year, destruction
@Joseon Dynasty Era
@1392 year, founding.
@1895 year, released from vassal state of China.
@1897 year, Country name, rename in the Korean Empire.

In addition, Chosen Girls, Commoner and noble and princess... girl of all is subject. In effect, For a long period of time, the Old Korean Peninsula was the slave of virtually by China.

Chaogong/v(Trafficking in Human on the contractual with government between China-Joseon Dynasty/N.) of Old Korean Peninsula has stopped on the end of the Sino-Japanese war.
@"Liberation of Korea" and "Chaogong/v stop" by the Treaty of Shimonoseki. Treaty of Shimonoseki/֏ 1895

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